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Pentax Q-S1 + 5-15mm Standard Zoom Lens Kit

Pentax Q-S1 + 5-15mm Standard Zoom Lens Kit

Pentax Q-S1 + 5-15mm Standard Zoom Lens Kit

Ref 388953


Manufacturers Guarantee: 2 Years
Camera Type: Mirrorless CSC
Lens Mount: PENTAX bayonet Q-mount
Movie: Full HD
Sensor Type: CMOS sensor, with primary colour filter
External Dimensions: 58 x 105 x 34mm
LCD Screen: 3.0" TFT Screen
Weight: 200g (loaded with battery and SD card)
What's Included: USB Cable I-USB7 Strap O-ST131 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery D-LI68, Battery Charger D-BC68P Software (CDROM) S-SW133 Hot shoe cover FK Body mount cove

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About Pentax Q-S1 + 5-15mm Standard Zoom Lens Kit

1/1.7-inch back-illuminated CMOS image sensor
Top sensitivity of ISO 12800
In-body SR (Shake Reduction)
Full HD Video and continuous AF
Wide range of lenses and accessories

Exceptional image quality with true-to-life description
The key components needed for superior image quality are the image sensor, imaging engine and lens. By optimizing these three components, the PENTAX Q-S1 assures the beautiful image rendition demanded from lens-interchangeable digital cameras.

Featuring the exclusive Q ENGINE as its imaging engine, the PENTAX Q-S1 not only assures extra-fine image description and efficient noise processing, but also provides a host of shooting and image-editing functions. This imaging engine is also the key to responsive, high-speed camera operation.

The PENTAX Q-1 features a 1/1.7-inch back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with a wide dynamic range at high-sensitivity settings. With approximately 12.4 effective megapixels, it produces beautiful, high-resolution images with rich gradation and minimal noise.

The PENTAX-original Q-mount lens system optimizes optical performance while minimizing the camera’s bulk. With a variety of interchangeable lenses to choose from, you can react swiftly and flexibly to all types of subjects to faithfully express your creative intentions.

For effective reduction of camera shake with all lenses
In-body SR (Shake Reduction)
The PENTAX Q-S1 features a sensor-shift-type SR system, which effectively suppresses blurring even when shooting low-light scenes or distant subjects using a telephoto lens.* This system even works with lenses other than Q-mount lenses, simply by inputting the focal length.

* The degree of compensation may vary depending on the lens used and/or shooting conditions.

To prevent blurred images in low-light shooting
Top sensitivity of ISO 12800
The PENTAX Q-S1 boasts a maximum sensitivity of ISO 12800. It assures true-to-life images with minimal noise, even during high-sensitivity shooting. In low-light shooting, it minimizes blurring caused by camera shake and subject movement, without the need to reduce the shutter speed. You can handhold the camera in a wider range of situations than ever before.

To keep the image sensor spotless and free of dust
DR II (Dust Removal II)
The DR II mechanism efficiently removes dust adhering to the CMOS image sensor using ultrasonic vibration. You can activate it manually whenever you feel the need, or select automatic operations every time the camera’s power is switched on or off.

For automatic setting of the best shooting mode, with a push of the shutter-release button
Auto Picture
The user-friendly Auto Picture mode detects a given scene or subject, and selects the most appropriate shooting mode from such options as Portrait, Landscape and Night Scene Portrait — all automatically. You can capture beautiful images without worrying about camera settings.

For quick, easy selection of a shooting mode for a specific scene or subject
Scene Mode
With a choice of 21 Scene Modes, you can easily and instantly optimize exposure settings and a finishing touch for a given scene or subject — without the need for advanced skills or an in-depth knowledge of digital photography — simply by selecting the corresponding Scene Mode icon on the menu.

To dramatize your image with a beautiful defocusing effect
Blur control
Simply by setting the mode dial to BC, the camera automatically blurs the foreground and background to produce dramatic images.*
* This function is available only in combination with the High-Performance-series lenses.

To simplify application of the desired finishing touch
Custom Image
The camera provides a choice of 11 Custom Image modes. You can even adjust such parameters as saturation, hue, sharpness and contrast to your liking.

An innovative creative tool with new options
Smart Effect
The Smart Effect modes let you apply a range of distinctive finishing touches with ease. You can even assign your favorite Smart Effect modes to the Quick Dial for direct access.

To create dramatic artwork with multiple exposures
This function lets you create a composite image using multiple exposures on a single image, while reviewing the outcome on the LCD monitor after each exposure. The camera automatically optimizes the exposure level after the images are combined.

For high-resolution movies perfect for large-screen viewing
Full HD movie
The camera captures Full HD movies (1920×1080 pixels, 30fps). You can even take advantage of such creative tools as Custom Image, Digital Filter and Smart Effect during movie recording.

For true-to-life images with well-defined highlights and shadows
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
The camera consecutively captures three images at different exposure levels (proper exposure, underexposure and overexposure) and synthesizes them into a single composite image rich in gradation and free of washed-out highlights and pitch-black shadows.

To keep pinpoint focus on the subject, even during movie shooting
Continuous AF (in movie recording)
Since the camera provides the Continuous AF mode even for movie recording,* you can maintain accurate focus on the active subject, whether it’s approaching or moving away from you.
* This function is not available with the Unique-Lens-series lenses and the 06 TELEPHOTO ZOOM lens.

To record the transition of a slow-changing subject
Interval shooting and interval movie
The interval shooting function records a series of images at a fixed interval to document the movement or transition of a subject, such as the blossoming of flowers or the setting sun. With the interval movie function, you can transfer recorded images to a movie file and play them back continuously as a movie.

For easy image framing and large playback images
3.0-inch LCD monitor
The camera’s large, wide-view LCD monitor has approximately 460,000 dots and a nearly 100% field of view. It has been treated with an AR (Anti-Reflection) coating to improve visibility. The Focus Peaking and Zoom Display functions facilitate manual-focus operation.

For meticulous editing of once-in-a-lifetime moments
In-body RAW development
RAW-format images can be developed in the camera. You can even make a variety of adjustments and corrections to perfect the image, then save it as a separate JPEG-format file.

For extra-accurate alignment of an image
Electronic level
This function detects both horizontal (left-right) and vertical (up-down) tilts of the camera, allowing you to make extra-accurate image composition.